Mike Applegate, FEI.

Petroleum and Petrochemicals Inspection (Singapore)

Mike is a highly experienced investigator of contamination and shortage claims. He has worked at Lloyds of London dealing with all manner of commodity claims, as a chemist in of one of the worlds leading cement manufacturers and in the cargo inspection business. He developed his expertise in quality control and analysis, as well as on site pollution control over 18 years in these roles and has world-wide experience handling chemicals, petroleum products, gases and other goods. In particular, he developed special skills in the blending of products to meet specifications. Before joining MTD, Mike was Deputy Head of an International Quality Assurance and Loss Control Department for one of the major inspection companies. He served as a member of the Institute of Petroleum's "Petroleum Measurement Committee". Mike joined MTD in 1990 as a petroleum and chemicals consultant and has since attended many incidents world wide to investigate and evaluate loss and contamination claims. His product blending skills have been particularly useful in the mitigation of loss. In addition, he has had considerable experience of investigating complex inventory losses and frauds. He has acted as an expert witness in the UK and abroad.