Martin Dalling, BSc, M.Chem.A, M.A.P.A., M.R.S.C.

Public Analyst for Carmarthenshire, Credigon, Pembrokeshire & Powys (UK)

Martin has had over 25 years experience as a chemist, 21 years of which have been spent as a Public Analyst in Wales. In this position, Martin's main role has been to safeguard public health, and he has developed experience in many areas of analytical testing. He has extensive knowledge of food quality assessment, including examinations by microscope, gas chromatography, evaluation of toxicants in food, and microbiological investigations for salmonella, E-Coli etc. He is also experienced in agricultural testing, routinely analysing animal feedstuffs, fertilisers and soil for macro and micronutrient content. As a Public Analyst, Martin has also had substantial experience of testing and advising on water quality. He advises on the implications of discharging effluents into rivers, tests river water quality and performs tip-leachate analysis. Public analysts are also required to conduct pharmaceutical and forensic analysis, and Martin has experience as an analyst for prescription only medicines and blood and urine examinations. Martin has also dealt with asbestos issues, and has assisted in disputes on a wide range of commodities, such as pencils, toys, textile fibres, antifreeze and wood preservatives. He has substantial experience as an expert witness.