Marshall Pike, BSc, AIRI, M.Inst.Mat, MAOAC

Rubber and Food Oils Consultant (UK)

Marshall's career began as a Technical Officer for British Rubber Producers Research Association where he gained experience in a range of analytical techniques applied to rubber, and established research programmes into the mastication of natural rubber, oxidation and graft copolymers. He was made Technical Manager for a producer of raw materials, responsible for processing chemicals, synthetic rubber, rubber/metal bonding agents, PVC stabilisers and additives. Marshall subsequently moved to India as Director of Research and Development with a plantations company, where he directed research in the quality of rubber, palm oil and cocoa. On returning to the UK, he served as the Chairman of the Technical Committee and Council member of the Federation Of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations Ltd (FOSFA) and, since 1990, has offered MTD's clients expert consultancy in the areas of oils and fats, specialising in contamination claims and quality issues involving a wide variety of vegetable oils.