Dr Ken Grant, BSc, PhD, MRSC

Fire & Explosions Investigator (Singapore)


With a degree in Applied Chemistry, Ken obtained his Doctorate conducting research into the preparation and function of platinum, tin and aluminium catalysts which are widely used in the petrochemical industry. He has skills in the use of sophisticated analytical techniques such as NMR, UV and IR spectroscopy and mass TG/MS. Ken conducted further research into the chemistry of coal in relation to its use for gas manufacturing before moving to the British Government's Defence Evaluation Research Agency where he worked on the catalytic reforming of petroleum products from hydrogen for use in fuel cells. He later became project manager and lead researcher in a programme to investigate innovative fire extinguishing systems.

His proven enthusiasm for research, his chemical knowledge and interest in the area of fire led him to join our Fire and Explosion Investigation division where he has dealt with marine, coal, yacht and vehicle fires.