Dr Jonathan Bound (PhD, MSci, ARCS, DIC, MIEnvSc)

Consultant Chemist (UK)

Jonathan holds a Master’s Degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Chemistry and Environmental Risk from Imperial College London. Among his research interests were analytical chemistry, risk assessment frameworks, hazardous waste disposal and the degradation of pharmaceuticals during wastewater treatment.

Since joining MTD in 2006, Jonathan has been involved in a diverse range of cases from the environmental consequences of plane crashes to tainted frozen fish.

He has conducted research into, and acted as an expert witness regarding, contamination and degradation of chemical cargoes.

He has investigated issues arising from insufficient or improper packaging of pharmaceuticals and dangerous chemicals, supervised decontamination and disposal of containers and their contents and advised on matters relating to the IMDG Code and its application.

More recently, he has expanded his area of expertise to include the investigation of fires and explosions and has surveyed sites including industrial facilities both on and offshore, a superyacht and a passenger aircraft.