John Allen MRSC, MEI. MFSSoc

Analytical Chemist and Forensic Investigator (UK)

John is a forensic analytical chemist and investigator. He has extensive experience of industrial chemistry, which he gained first as an analyst with the National Coal Board then in a Public Analysts practice where he specialised in food and pharmaceuticals. After a period with Wales Gas as a grid chemist, he moved to Zambia where he operated the laboratories serving a major metal mining and refining operation. On his return to the UK after 5 years, he joined the Home Office Forensic Service to apply his wide chemical knowledge to crime scene investigation including suspected arson. This frequently involved presenting evidence to Court as an expert witness. John joined MTD in 1979 and now applies his skills to claim analysis. He now has over 20 years experience in determining the cause of claimed damage to a very wide range of chemicals, petroleum products and other insured goods.