Jeremy Allen MSc, BEng (UK) AIMMM

Consultant Materials Scientist (UK)


Jeremy is an experienced materials scientist with a BEng from the University of London and a MSc from University of Surrey. Jeremy has worked for British Aerospace as a Development Engineer in the Advanced Materials and Welding Development Department, where he investigated the performance of different types of metal matrix composites. He moved to Production Engineering in the heat and wet treatment facilities and then composite component manufacturing before being promoted to Production Manager – Composite Manufacturing.

In 1997 Jeremy joined a multinational surface treatments provider as Technical Services Manager, dealing with all technical aspects of surface engineering for improved component performance and longevity for clients in a wide range of industries including, construction,  commercial and military aerospace, petro-chemical, power generation, competitive automotive racing and ground transport.

Jeremy joined MTD in June 2014 and has been involved with materials identification, fatigue fracture and corrosion analysis, flexible pipeline dissections, structural failures and cavitation damage investigations.