Dr Geoffrey Bound PhD, DIC, ARCS, M.I.FireE, FAE, Eur Chem, CSci., MFSSoc. C.Chem, MRSC

Fire & Forensic Investigation Department, (Forensic Scientist), Director (UK)


With a PhD in Analytical Chemistry, gained at the Imperial College of Science and Technology (part of London University), Geoff started work with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries in Scotland, developing new analytical techniques. He joined the superintendence company SGS in Kenya, as Chief Chemist, responsible for inspection and testing services. He was involved in the measurement and quality determination of a wide variety of commodities including foodstuffs (for trace contaminants), vegetable oils, petroleum products and petrochemicals.

On returning to the UK, he joined a major fire and explosion investigation consultancy before starting his own company. His company was taken over by MTD in 1987and since then Geoff has developed the Fire and Explosion Investigation Division. He has investigated many cases, developing a particular expertise in marine incidents, involving engine room, accommodation and cargo fires on all types of vessels. The work undertaken has developed into the industrial, domestic and land transport sectors.

He also has considerable expertise in the investigation of contamination affecting bulk chemical, gas, petroleum and foodstuff cargoes as well as pollution incidents. Geoff has substantial experience as an expert witness in the UK and in courts overseas, including the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Greece, South Africa, China and the Yemen.