Dr John Boran, Eur Ing, BSc, PhD, CEng, MIMMM, MICorr, Sen M Weld I, NACE

Consultant Materials Engineer (UK)

John joined MTD in 2016 from the upstream oil and gas industry where he

worked for over 20 years for both major design contractors and major oil

companies.  He has also worked in civil engineering for 10 years on major

water supply projects.  During this time he has been involved in the design

and construction of major new build offshore and onshore projects, which

have also involved numerous failure investigations for both design

contractors and oil company clients.


He has a background in materials selection, corrosion control, coatings,

passive fire protection, insulation and welding as applied to offshore oil

and gas production platforms, sub-structures, FPSO’s, export pipelines,

in-field flowlines including both hyperbaric and laybarge welding and

onshore gas treatment plant including LNG plants, onshore chemical and

petrochemical plant and water infrastructure projects including water

wellfields, water transportation pipelines including very large pre-stressed

concrete pipe, water storage structures and treatment plant.


He has also spent three years in the metallurgical semi-finished products

industry involved in non-ferrous metal casting, extrusion, rod and wire

drawing, forging and rolling mill operations.


John’s PhD research was into stress corrosion cracking and hydrogen

embrittlement mechanisms in Aluminium alloys.