Dr James Kelman

Forensic Fire Investigator & Mechanical Engineer (UK)

James graduated inĀ  Mechanical Engineering at Sydney University and then undertook a PhD in combustion technology. He has conducted research into turbulent flames, looking at flame ignition, propagation and stability. After 3 years as a Research Fellow at Sydney he moved to England to take up a research position at Cranfield University. He continued turbulent flame research and provided consultancy services to engine manufacturers in the power generation and automotive industries. He has examined hydrogen flame structure, propagation and stability and safety aspects of high pressure hydrogen-carbon monoxide releases.

In 2001 he was awarded a Research Fellowship by the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council to investigate flame propagation in stratified fuel mixtures, addressing flame speed and flammability limits. He has an extensive list of research publications.

James has since specialised in fire investigation, notably in the marine industry, but has also undertaken transport and land-based investigations including mechanical failure incidents. He has investigated over 300 incidents worldwide, including ship engine room and cargo fires and various mechanical failures across a range of industries.

James joined MTD in 2013 and is based in our London office.