David Jones. MA (Oxon), BA (Oxon), C.Eng., MIMMM, MIRef.E., ISS.

Metallurgist (UK)

David has a BSc and a Masters degree in Metallurgy from Oxford University and is an experienced Metallurgist. He began his career as a quality control metallurgist in the steel and wire industry, moving on to research and development within the same company. David was the project leader on a number of high profile projects including the design and implementation of the electric arc furnace energy inputs programme, which generated a saving of £13M per year. With considerable experience in quality control and trouble shooting he joined MTD to further his interest in the investigation of metallurgical failures. He has specialised in the use of the company's high tech analytical equipment (Electron Scanning Microscopy, EDAX etc.) and is heavily involved in the metallurgical investigations that MTD perform on contract for Rolls Royce and other Aerospace companies. He also conducts investigations into a wide range of other metallurgical failures, recent marine examples ranging from a failed paddle on the last operating paddle steamer to a failed new high-tech propeller design.