Brian Austin

Petroleum and Petrochemicals Chemist (UK)


Brian has more than 45 years professional experience and has been directly involved with the quality and analysis of petroleum, petrochemicals and related materials since 1968. Having achieved the status of Chief Chemist for one of the international petroleum inspection companies, Brian commenced work in the marine insurance industry in the capacity of forensic analyst and investigator. In this role, over the last 40 years he has conducted shipboard and land-borne investigations worldwide involving most types of ocean carriers, chemical and bulk containers, barges, railcars, road tankers as well as at oil refineries, chemical plants, oil/chemical storage facilities and power generation plants.

Brian spent sixteen years in the USA where he worked for both cargo and vessel interests including interested underwriters, P&I Clubs, shipping companies, attorneys, oil companies and chemical companies. Brian is an experienced expert witness and has testified internationally in arbitration and court. As a forensic analyst Brian has extensive experience with both novel and industry standard testing procedures such as those mandated by the IP, ISO, ASTM, UOP, FOSFA, AOCS and EPA organisations, as well as the development, planning and supervision of tailor-made analytical protocols utilizing standard and non-standard analytical techniques.

Having previously worked for MTD during the 1980’s, Brian joined MTD for a second spell in 2008, since which time he has used applied his expertise to numerous quality disputes concerning a wide range of commodities including crude oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals, industrial chemicals and edible and non-edible oils and fats.  Brian has particular experience in bunker fuel issues and complex quality claims for fuels used in onshore power generation facilities.