Dr Alan Craggs, BSc, MSc, PhD.

Fire and Explosion Investigator, Environmental Chemist (UK)


Alan has a BSc and MSc in chemistry based on gas phase reaction kinetics, and went on to achieve a PhD in electro-analytical chemistry. During sixteen years working for British Gas in the Wales region Alan tested and analysed gases, waters, soils and other materials, then worked as an Occupational Hygiene Consultant, issuing gas free and manned entry certificates. He also advised on Waste Disposal procedures, conducting contaminated land surveys and investigating pollution, environmental noise and air quality problems and became responsible for the investigation of gas explosions, fires and carbon monoxide poisonings.

Alan joined MTD in 1994, working within the Fire and Explosions Investigation Division. He has travelled world wide investigating incidents, involving ships, vehicles, factories, warehouses and chemical plants. Alan has experience of providing expert testimony in arbitrations and legal proceedings.