Alan Costain B.Sc., Master Mariner

Mariner and Surveyor (UK)

Alan is a professional marine surveyor and consultant specialising in petroleum tanker operations. In sixteen years at sea with BP Shipping, in which he served as a Chief Officer, he gained wide experience of all aspects of product and crude tanker operations. He gained extensive knowledge of offshore operations including DP and dive support whilst serving as Fire & Safety Officer onboard a semi-submersible. He then became a ship surveyor with BP, vetting vessels prior to acceptance of their suitability for Charter, placing particular emphasis on ship management and safety.

After coming ashore, Alan studied for a BSc in Nautical Studies. He subsequently worked for a major marine surveying company, dealing with a wide variety of commodities such as flowers, fruit, steel coils, wood pulp and fertilisers, as well as investigating warehouse issues involving coffee and the like around the world. Alan joined MTD in 1991. He attends incidents worldwide, advising on ship and shore cargo movements and vessel operating procedures and has wide experience of analysing nature, quality, quantity and cause of cargo losses for a variety of commodities. He has carried out numerous vessel inspections for suitability of cargo carriage, and has provided expert advice on the carriage of oil cargoes and navigation issues. Alan has been involved in a number of fire investigations. He is an experienced court and arbitration witness.