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Jeremy Allen MSc, BEng (UK) AIMMM (UK)
Consultant Materials Scientist
John Allen MRSC, MEI. MFSSoc (UK)
Analytical Chemist and Forensic Investigator
Allan Ashby MA, MAE, MEI, MIIMS (UK)
Marine Consultant & Surveyor, Manager Bulk Solid Cargo Survey Department
Brian Austin (UK)
Petroleum and Petrochemicals Chemist
Mike Birchall MEI. (UK)
Marine Consultant and Surveyor
Dr Geoffrey Bound PhD, DIC, ARCS, M.I.FireE, FAE, Eur Chem, CSci., MFSSoc. C.Chem, MRSC (UK)
Fire & Forensic Investigation Department, (Forensic Scientist), Director
David Chamberlin BSc, MSc (UK)
Gas, Oil & Chemical Engineer
Christopher Cooke, BSc (UK)
Consultant Chemist
Dr Alan Craggs, BSc, MSc, PhD. (UK)
Fire and Explosion Investigator, Environmental Chemist
Martin Dalling, BSc, M.Chem.A, M.A.P.A., M.R.S.C. (UK)
Public Analyst for Carmarthenshire, Credigon, Pembrokeshire & Powys
Martin East, Master Mariner, MEI (UK)
Marine Consultant and Surveyor
Jon Fox-Braddock, BSc. Master Mariner (UK)
Nautical Consultant and Surveyor
Stewart Horan, LLM, Master Mariner (UK)
Marine Consultant and Surveyor
Dr James Kelman (UK)
Forensic Fire Investigator & Mechanical Engineer
Bryan McCormick (MA (Cantab)) (UK)
Consultant Chemist / Research & Development Manager
John Minton, BSc, C.Eng, M.I.Mar.Est, M.Inst.NDT, MEI (UK)
Chemical Engineer, Consultant Petroleum Chemist and Marine Surveyor
Sonia Quintanilla BSc (UK)
Consultant Chemist
John Robinson, BSc, MSc, MChemA, CChem, CSci, MAPA, FRSC, MIFST (UK)
Public Analyst & Additional Agricultural Analyst for Bridgend, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire, Powys, Rhondda Cynon Taff & Swansea (UK)
Dr Robert Sleat, BSc, MBA, PhD (UK)
Consultant Chemist & Biotechnologist
Joe White, ACII (UK)
Cargo Claims Expert, Insurance Consultant