Additional Services provided by MTD Houston

Cargo Loss Adjusting

MTD (USA) Inc. regularly provides cargo claims adjustment services and can also act as Third Party Administrators for any particular account. We are experienced in a wide variety of cargoes and the Groups’ worldwide reputation and expertise is particularly relevant with regards the petroleum, petro-chemical and chemical industries. Our base in Houston is strategically located at the heart of the U.S. Oil & Gas industry and is also within easy reach of our clients in South America.

Subrogation/Third Party Recovery

It is part of our brief as consultants to advise regarding third party liability and to protect subrogation rights. Certain clients prefer to progress this aspect further and our affiliated company GM Adjusting specialise in conducting subrogation/recovery actions.

Loss Control/Loss Prevention

This is an often overlooked strategy. We regularly carry out loss prevention and loss control assignments as part of our on-going consulting work. However, given the increasing size of shipments combined with reduced deductibles, specified loss control work in connection with major projects is becoming increasingly important.

Ship Vetting

We do not carry out SIRE or CDI vetting, however we do regularly vet ships based on the particular demands of clients and the cargoes involved.