About us

The history of Minton, Treharne & Davies Ltd. can be traced back to the mid 19th century. The company was founded by a Cardiff pharmacist, J. D. Treharne, in the early 1860's, and operated in conjunction with his son, F. G. Treharne, providing medicine chests and medication to ships and sailors operating out of Cardiff docks.

In 1909, in response to the growing demand for analysis of coal to be exported, F. G. Treharne and J.H.Duncan, an analytical chemist, established Treharne & Duncan to sample, analyse and certify the quality of coal traded around South Wales and internationally from ports in South Wales. At its peak in 1913 around 10 million tons of coal was exported from Cardiff. Treharne & Duncan, from their office and laboratory in the heart of Cardiff's busy docklands, were soon providing specialist analytical and testing services to 400 separate coal mining and trading clients.

The post Second World War period saw the Company come under the ownership of Powell Duffryn plc, one of the ex South Wales coal mine owners who planned to establish a diverse industrial conglomerate. With little work coming from the newly nationalised coal industry, the Company was forced to diversify and began to develop new business for itself. Renamed Treharne & Davies Ltd., the Company moved into the shipping industry, providing "gas-free" certificates to ships undergoing repair and cargo inspection services to vessels loading oil cargoes at South Wales ports.

Treharne & Davies Ltd. was bought from Powell Duffryn by Arthur Minton in the late 1960's. He had joined the company in the 1930s as a laboratory assistant and worked his way up to Managing Director,becoming well known as an investigator of first coal and then general marine fires. At the time of the takeover the Company's business was sampling and testing coal for the electricity industry, a small amount of non-destructive testing for the steel and ship-repairing industry, local oil cargo inspection, some general chemical analysis and marine fire investigation. The Company, registered in 1968 as Minton, Treharne & Davies Ltd., employed around 25 people, all working from the Cardiff office.

Today, Minton, Treharne & Davies Ltd. still offer testing and analytical services to the coal industry, but this is now only a very small part of the Company's operations. We have grown and evolved to offer a wide array of scientific services and expertise to a range of industries on an international scale. The last forty years have seen a particular growth in the Company's operations, with offices opening in London, at the heart of the City's Insurance industry, and in Houston, Singapore and now Rotterdam. Our head office is still in Cardiff, but we have moved from the dock area to a purpose built facility conveniently located in close proximity to the M4, where we haveextensive testing and research facilities and office space for some 80 technical and administrative staff. Our Public Analyst division is based in Crosshands, Carmarthen, servicing the needs of many of the Welsh Local Authorities covering half of Wales. We have always striven to recruit only the highest calibre staff, and we now employ over 120 people of various backgrounds, from both academia and industry, many of whom are recognised experts in their fields.

From our beginnings in the Cardiff coal industry, Minton Treharne & Davies Ltd. have grown and developed a reputation for excellence in the provision of specialist investigative services to a wide range of industries, whilst ensuring that our core values remain as they were a century and a half ago:

Honesty, Integrity and Pride in the service we provide.

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