MTD has developed systems utilising the chemistry of DNA for identification of species and tagging of materials.



PCR techniques are used in testing for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) throughout the food and agricultural industry. For additional information on our work with GMO products please go to our Public Analyst page.


MTD Medical

Using in house developed protocols MTD Medical provides the unique service of the extraction of DNA from minute quantities of Archival, formalin fixed, paraffin embedded tissue samples, and the isolation and mutation analysis of genes by PCR.

Archival collections of tissue samples offer a potentially powerful resource for the analysis of large numbers of medially important genetic mutations, particularly in cancers. To date MTD Medical has developed analytical protocols for the following genes: p53, B-RAF, and DAPK-1.


Tracetag International Ltd

MTD pioneered the development of a unique synthetic DNA based tagging system. Now marketed exclusively through TraceTag International Ltd, the system is used in a diverse array of industries to combat counterfeiting (currency and product), parallel trade and fraud and can be used to mark almost any product from fine art and jewellery to specialist fuels.

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