Metallurgical & Corrosion Analysis

Our Metallurgy Department provides in depth investigation, materials evaluation and expert witness services to a wide range of industries.

We work with manufacturers in the research and development of new products, the improvement and quality control of existing products, and investigate problems in their production and end use.

Materials can also be predisposed, or become more susceptible to corrosion, by their inherent metallurgy or by the effects of external influences such as welding and bacterial attack.

Utilising the combined expertise of our Metallurgy, Laboratory and Consultancy departments we investigate and advise clients on these complex subjects.

Our clients include a wide variety of companies, from Insurers and the traditional manufacturing industries, to those on the cutting edge of aerospace, petrochemical, medical and electronic technologies.

From the examination of a failed bolt, to the devising and implementation of test programs on hundreds of components, MTD are experienced in providing innovative services, which can be supported by professional advice and expert witness support when required.

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